Autism and Written Communication

1st Apr 2021

Often we are asked if we can ‘translate’ written documents into neurodiverse friendly language– almost as if it were a foreign language!  Yet for…

The words we use

3rd Oct 2020

It’s often underestimated just how important language is. The words we use greatly effect how we relate to ourselves, and the others around us. …

Neurodiverse Workplace

14th May 2020

With most of our working environments and situations subject to huge change at the moment we thought it was an apt time to look…


29th Apr 2020

Unprecedented. It’s a word that we’re reading here, there and everywhere. The Coronavirus situation is providing new challenges for us all, including the neurodiverse….


31st Mar 2020

Well we know what’s happened, I don’t have to tell you the general impact its having on businesses both good and bad.  However the…

New online resources launched

23rd Mar 2020

We have just launched our new training courses available for you to empower your line managers and staff in Neurodiversity. These, interactive, engaging, modular…