Autism for Business

Free Senior Management Team business case input

Businesses across the world are seeing the benefits of building a Neurodiverisity Portfolio. However we also understand that the ‘So what’ needs to be proven to your SMT.

This two hour strategic course presents to you, and the board, the business case to create your company’s neurodiversity portfolio.

Get us in to explain why it makes such good business sense.  Its also free.

Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia) Training

At CP we don’t like a boring training day. We like fun, energy and the latest research all bundled up in a package that’s written for you. This means that as part of your training we make sure that whatever your industry, it makes sense.

So whether you’re a science lab or theme park, shoe shop or the police we don’t default to ‘Off the shelf’ packages.  This input is designed to deliver a unique insight into Neurodiversity for the whole team. Using VR headsets and role plays we interact with your staff to bring it alive for them. It explains what Autism and other hidden disabilities are, how they effect the individual in the workplace, what their talents are and how to be more inclusive.  Whole or half day.

Job Coaches

We help the business to understand the person and visa versa. Quality checked by Autists, our Job Coaches help managers to ask those awkward questions they don’t know how to ask.  They also coach the individual to help them structure, plan, prioritise and communicate, which benefits everyone.  This is particularly helpful if someone is on a development or support plan.

Company Autism Champions

Everyone loves a Jedi, but as we can’t use the force we thought we’d train up your own Neurodiversity Company Champions. This is a two-day course which provides a deeper understanding of Autism and the workplace. Your new Champion can then roll out training of their own (lightsaber not included).

Equality Act Advice

Creased Puddle works with top Employment Law firm Torque Law. They are able to offer up to date legal advice and guidance on the Equality Act, working with your HR team to ensure that you are fully compliant.

Recruitment and Human Resources support

This support is for those who want to learn more about inclusive recruitment, retention and progression. This is a 1 day training course which gives you the tools to impact assess your own recruitment, retention and progression policies.  We also advocate for ‘Passport’, a system to improve understanding and communication for those on the Autism Spectrum.  Introduced properly, this system helps to reduce staff complaints, increase manager understanding and enhance user wellbeing.

Hidden disability workplace assessments

When someone discloses that they have a condition or you suspect that they may be struggling, it is necessary to assess their current working set up.  Routinely done for those with visible or physical disabilities, a hidden disability assessment takes into account the persons neurological make up and offers solutions to enhance their efficiency and wellbeing.  Surprisingly, most adjustments are either free or of a very low cost.

Occupational Psychologist support

Creased Puddle works with a number of Psychologists who can help you identify what jobs, within your organisation, your employees would be more likely to excel at.  This, combined with our talented Job Coaches will see the right person in the right job with the right skill set.

Becoming more Autism friendly

Are you looking to attract or cater better for those who are Neurodivergent?  We work with companies to help them handle complaints, pull out learning points, and write inclusive polices for their customers.  No matter what your company type out extensive and user endorsed approach gives you the opportunity to show you are on the ball and welcome those with hidden disabilities.

Talk to Creased Puddle about backing neurodiversity in your workplace. Contact us and call 07817 801292.