The unique experience of neurodivergent burnout  

Previously known exclusively as ‘autistic burnout syndrome’, the experience of neurodivergent burnout is often the result of chronic stress combined with expectations, such as work commitments, and a lack adequate support.

Robert Manson

First Occupational Health Service specialising in supporting neurodivergent individuals launches

Leading Neurodiversity support provider Creased Puddle, is delighted to announce it has launched the UKs first Occupational Health service solely focused on supporting neurodivergent…

Two men sat opposite each other over a police custody desk

Creased Puddle involvement in Custody project with the University of Bath, University of Nottingham and Avon & Somerset Police

In 2022, the Universities of Bath and Nottingham undertook a research project with Avon & Somerset Police to identify ways to reduce the challenges…


Since last Pride

Since last Pride, the government released plans to amend the Equality Act to change the definition of “sex” to “biological sex”, which would potentially diminish the definition of “legal sex” outlined in the Gender Recognition Act.

‘Appropriate Adults’, language, and ‘vulnerable’ people

An appropriate adult is a person who protects the rights, entitlements and welfare of children and vulnerable people who are suspected of a criminal offence. They ensure that an individual is treated in a fair and just manner and that they are able to participate effectively in the criminal justice process.

Autism Awareness Week – My journey with Autism

it has been my undivided passion to work with people that are neurodivergent and have for one reason or another found themselves having to explain themselves to the police or detained in a prison. Knowing they are different but not knowing why. People that find themselves in these situations are often ones without diagnoses, without support, without any form of advocacy and they need help to learn from their mistakes and to know how to be a better person.

What Does Neurodiversity Celebration Week Mean To Us: by Flutter UK&I

Besides celebrating Neurodiversity, is also an opportunity to raise awareness and educate others about the benefits of neurodiversity in the workplace and society. Research has shown that embracing neurodiversity can lead to increased creativity, innovation, productivity, and success in the workplace. By recognising and valuing the unique strengths and perspectives of neurodivergent individuals, organisations can tap into a wider pool of talent and ideas, leading to increased innovation and growth.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week: Neurodiversity and Intersectionality

Intersectionality is a way of understanding how different aspects of a person’s identity contribute to their own unique life experiences. In understanding intersectionality, it is essential to acknowledge that there are a number of social identifiers that can marginalise people, such as their gender, race, class, sexual orientation, disability and neurodivergence.