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Researching and understanding my ASD diagnosis helped me recognise my triggers and make changes to avoid them.

I realised how important awareness is for neurodivergent conditions, especially for females. Females tend to get diagnosed much later than males as they can hide their autistic quirks more by masking, which is like a chameleon in camouflage, blending in with everyone.

My childhood dream was to be a ballet dancer

ADHD needs movement!  Think now how you can build movement into your day.  As an employer, how can you build movement into your employees’ day? As an assessor, how can you make recommendations for movement – and I am not just talking about a rise and fall desk!

“Get your shoes on, we’re off to Whitby for tea” – my journey with ADHD medication

There are many different brands and types of medication to assist with ADHD, I chose Concertia XL.  This is a slow release amphetamine.  Yes that’s right, amphetamine for the person who is hyperactive…sounds crazy but actually it’s effects are rather brilliant.

Dyspraxia – What you need to know

Dyspraxia is one of the neurodivergent conditions which generally affects movement and coordination, and remains one of the lesser understood neurodivergent conditions.  It is also commonly referred to as DCD Development Coordination Disorder.

The links between creativity and Dyslexia

Dyslexic people might also have other, co-occurring, conditions such as dyscalculia (difficulties with numbers) and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

Are you wondering about the benefits of asking for a dyslexia diagnosis?

Dyslexia affects people in different ways and often occurs with other neurodiverse conditions. For many people, it is associated with issues of literacy. However, people with dyslexia often need strategies for supporting their memory, organisation skills, time management, literacy, and stress management.

Word Allyship


Allyship is an action, not a label. Being an ally means actively engaging and supporting the LGBTQ+ and/neurodivergent community. This means challenging comments made by your friends, family, and co-workers when they use offensive language. It is also means supporting LGBTQ+ people, understanding the history, amplifying neurodivergent and queer voices, and celebrating diversity every day.