Ambitous About Autism


Ambitious About Autism is the leading Autism Charity in the UK.  They are passionate about making a difference to young peoples’ lives and do so through their schools, Employment Services, Youth Participation, and training.

It was with the latter in mind in 2020 that when seeking partners to help deliver their  learning programmes they commissioned a series of projects with Creased Puddle.

Since that time we have now collaborated with the dynamic team at AAA on a number of projects including:

  • Resource writing for the Civil Service
  • Training package development for their Employ Autism programme
  • Workplace assessments for Marsh & McLennan
  • Online Autism training delivery for educators
  • Prevent workshops for UK Prevent Leads
  • Autism Awareness – Lunch and Learn events

We have also been able to offer employment opportunities to their Youth Patrons across the UK on our recent Neuro-Vision Cyber learning event.

One of our most valued partnerships, and a testament of what can be achieved during a pandemic, through AAA we have delivered training to over 1000 learners and continue to be honoured by their public endorsement in our credentials.

Ambitious about Autism has been on a really special journey with the whole team at Creased Puddle since early autumn in 2020. We have collaborated on an 80+ page resource which equips employers, autistic young people and professionals with the skills to create accessible workplaces. We have worked together to develop and test a resource for the Cabinet Office. Creased Puddle has supported the development of our new training resources which address intersectionality and have been instrumental in ensuring we include ‘lived experience’ from neurodivergent colleagues. This is a partnership in the truest sense of the word, Ambitious about Autism and Creased Puddle do not compete, rather we collaborate and support each other to make a better world for the communities we serve.  Working with the Creased Puddle team is positive, enjoyable and often truly joyful, I recommend working with them as a client, colleague or as a partner.   

Clare Caccavone, Programme Director, Ambitious About Autism