National Cyber Crime Programme

National Cybercrime Programme

In 2019 we were hugely honoured to be approached by the Capability Lead for the National Cyber Crime Programme to develop a training course which blended Cyber investigations and Neurodiversity considerations.  Skip forward 2 years and we have now trained over 170 NV accredited officers across the UK from a variety of disciplines including Economic Crime Units, Child Protection, Fraud, the College of Policing and CID.

The Neuro-Vision course has also provided employment opportunities for over 16 Neurodivergent Associates across the UK, some of whom have not worked for many years.

Endorsed by Assistant Commissioner Angela McLaren, Neuro-Vision has now been commissioned by the National Crime Agency and Counter Terrorism units and is nationally recognised as the gold standard in Neurodiversity and Criminal Justice training

If I had had this training then (the case) would have been concluded in half the time, and the need to keep re-interviewing (the suspects) would have avoided the obvious distress it caused them and their families, we would have achieved better evidence and understood the reasons why they did what they did.

DS Cyber, Assistant Commissioner

As I come to the end of my 30-year career just wish I had this training far sooner as opposed to learning how to carry boxes and heavy loads correctly!

Career Detective – Cyber