Creased Puddle on The CyberVersed Podcast

CyberVersed Podcast Episode 28

Our CEO, Caroline Turner, took part in episode 28 of the CyberVersed Podcast. In this episode Caroline discussed diversity in Cyber with podcast host Mandy Haeburn-Little alongside Karen Blake, CEO of Tech Talent Charter.

Diversity in Cyber

During the episode Caroline discusses her personal reasons for launching Creased Puddle. Caroline shared how her her quest for information led her to discover that there was a lack of quality guidance and support. Her discovery also showed her that the available resources focused on a deficit narrative, which she believes only tells half the story. This, and her drive to improve the understanding and neurodivergence within the criminal justice system led her to start the company. She outlines why it’s essential to work with companies to identify their specific requirements and then deliver training that meets these needs.

It’s a compelling episode that celebrates the progress that has been made in recent years. However, both guests are quick to highlight what still needs to happen if we are to tap into the opportunities of embracing a neurodivergent workforce.

What is the CyberVersed Podcast?

Mandy Haeburn-Little, Cyber Woman of the Year 2021, in conjunction with the National Cyber Resilience Centre Group (NCRCG), brings you conversations with top industry leaders and figures shaping the UK’s cyber resilience landscape.

The podcast hosts a variety of guests from areas that include policing, government, academia and business. They offer fresh perspectives and developments in UK cyber security, with cutting-edge discussions and expert views from leaders.

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