International Women’s Day

Only just qualifying for International Women’s day is my entry 16-year-old Greta Thunburg from Sweden. Hopefully you have heard your children talk about this amazing young lady having inspired school children around the world to rally to the climate change cause.

Greta is also autistic and to her followers, of around a million and growing on social media, she is very eloquently able to describe how she sees ‘normal’ people:

“I am diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome, OCD and selective mutism. That basically means that I only speak when absolutely necessary. Now is one of those times. I think in many ways we autistic are the normal ones and the rest of the people are pretty strange, especially when it comes to the sustainability crisis, where everyone keeps saying that climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all and yet they just carry on as before.”

I think she has a point….