Neurodiversity coaching

The right coach brings structure and understanding to how the mind works.  They suggest tools to help the individual thrive in the workspace and support them on their journey to find solutions to challenges.  Our UK wide coaching network means that wherever you are, you can access support.  These services are also available via Access to Work. 

I feel like it’s helped me in my work. I’m better at deadlines, prioritising work and using my own initiative. I have now been nominated for the Learning Disability & Autism Award 2021.

 B. Wilson, Coaching Client

I was sceptical that this would work but since the coaching we have seen an extraordinary output of work we never thought possible.

L. Hamlin, Spring Into Action, Manager


What will my coaching cover?

We have created a comprehensive list of areas commonly requested in neurodiversity coaching sessions. These cover 6 headings:

  • Task Completion
  • Working Memory
  • Stress Management
  • Written Communication
  • Verbal Communication
  • Understanding Neurodiversity/Strengths

Our clients can choose from these 6 headings and indeed may have headings of their own.

Will my coach watch me at work?

No. Workplace strategy coaching is not about observing you do your work, it is about helping you to explore how you work. The coaching takes place in a confidential space or via teams/zoom. Your coaching empowers you to think through strategies which will enable you to work to your strengths and support your challenges.

Do I have to tell my manager about the coaching?

We think it’s a great idea to involve a manager or mentor within the coaching program. This enables you to have someone to share your strategies with and gain valuable feedback on your progress. We often invite the manager to the first coaching session for a short while. Some of our clients are offered co-coaching which is a session specifically designed for you and your manager to explore how you work together.

I am having technology as part of my recommendations, do I need to wait for this to be installed before I commence my coaching?

We like to leave that choice up to you. Sometimes technology can take a while to be ordered and the training to commence, whereas often coaching can commence within 2 weeks of your order being placed with our Administration team. We can then work around your technology and often the coaching can support how you will incorporate the technology into your working day. For some clients they do not have the use of technology at home and alternative strategies created in coaching can be a great help.

Will my coach be an expert on my Autism/ADHD/Dyslexia?

Our coaches are all highly trained and qualified coaches, running successful coaching practices in their own right. They have all completed training in the field of neurodiversity and are supervised to ensure they meet the high standards we expect from our coaches for our clients. This means they know about the strengths and challenges of neurodiversity in the workplace. You can share any diagnosis documents with your coach to enable them to learn more about you. We believe you are the expert of you. Our coaches will support you to learn more about your strengths and challenges and explore strategies which enable you to work at your best even more of the time.