Criminal Justice Workplace Assessments

Criminal Justice Workplace Assessments

Criminal Justice workplace assessments 

We specialise in advising Police Human Resource teams on cases where sickness, performance, development or retention is an issue.   

Our founder, Caroline Turner, was instrumental in creating the first Neurodiversity support group in British Policing. As you’d expect, our Criminal Justice consultants have a solid knowledge of modern-day Policing. We understand many of the complexities of adapting working practices and with the assistance of stakeholders are able to advise forces accordingly. 

Our bespoke Neurodiversity workplace assessments:

  • Recognise the challenges for the Police and the individual  
  • Suggest adjustments to working practices, environments and teaching methods  
  • Assimilate all the information to date and recommend a way forward with tailored reasonable adjustments

3-Tier System

Our workspace assessments are unique.  We employ a 3-Tier system so that assessments are right for the individual and the organisation.

  • Tier 1 – For new recruits to ascertain how to get the best out of them in the workspace.
  • Tier 2 – For those having challenges in the workspace or starting to suffer with anxiety .
  • Tier 3 – For those who are on performance improvement plans, absent from work or there is a suggestion of litigation. 

Whatever the level you will have a dedicated, qualified assessor to work alongside you and the organisation every step of the way.  Every assessment comes with a reporting element which includes effective reasonable adjustment suggestions as standard.

Creased Puddle has supported our recruitment team to reconsider processes and to think about how adjustments could be developed for neurodiverse candidates. As a Force the events have definitely increased understanding, resulting in staff gaining the confidence to share more with line managers. We want to embrace the full strengths of our workforce and Creased Puddle’s professional support has really helped us on this journey.

Alexis Poole, Assistant Chief Officer – People, Devon and Cornwall Police


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