Human resources in policing

Human Resources Policing

Human resources in policing

We understand the demands placed on HR to ensure adequate support for the individual whilst balancing policing priorities.  This 2-day course compliments all components of HR function, enabling professionals to focus on better case management, inclusive recruitment practices and supporting line managers. 

A fantastic experience and a reminder how important it is to recognise the needs of neurodivergent suspects, witnesses and victims in order to achieve Best Evidence.  Those who attended can return to their organisations and educate key stakeholders. 

Dai Malyn, Queens Police Medal


What Neurodiversity awareness do you offer for Police Learning and Development Teams?

Early in 2021 we collaborated with Devon & Cornwall and Dorset Police Forces to create a training course for all their Police trainers, tutors and mentors. By the end of the year, this 12-hour learning event, delivered remotely by our Criminal Justice team, will have upskilled 270 learning professionals.

This course is now available to other forces which can greatly assist when supporting neuro-different learners through their probationary period. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.

How can you support a Probationary Constable who is having challenges at work?

This depends where the member of staff is on their learning journey. Sometimes this will involve a Workplace Assessment bringing together the stakeholders such as the Federation, HR and Occupational Health.

In other cases we can provide diagnostic assessments which can inform both the individual and the organisation on their challenges and skill sets. We have a wealth of experience working with UK Policing and can work with you to provide support and understand adjustments.

We would like to understand if our recruitment, retention and promotional systems exclude neurodivergent staff, how can we do this?

There is now some great practice in UK Policing and we have helped to shape a number of the initiatives.

However, there is still much to change in order to fully understand how and why our systems and processes discriminate against Criminal Justice Professionals in these areas. We have been commissioned by the College of Policing to advise on this area and we continue to collaborate with leading academics to further our understanding.

We can work with you to impact assess your processes and procedures via our consulting service. We have also provided advice on specific cases and the consideration of reasonable adjustments. Contact us to book a discussion with one of our HR specialists.

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