We recognise the growing importance of intersectionality in relation to Neurodiversity.

We provide a range of inputs about the interconnected realities of neurodivergent people from different races and ethnic backgrounds, genders, and sexual orientations.

Our specialist Neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ workshop has been rolled out with a number of leading LGBTQ+ charities across the country.

As part of this workshop, you will learn about:

  • Evidence-based overlaps between the Neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ community
  • The impact of intersectionality and allyship.

For this course specifically, we can provide a range of 1 – 3-hour inputs.

Available on Zoom, Teams, or face-to-face, our passionate and experienced neurodiversity speakers will provide lived experience to inform and educate.

“The workshop was not just informative; it was really engaging! I learnt how we can make our interactions with other people more inclusive, whether that’s in social situation in our personal lives, or in meetings with other people.”

Mentor from The Proud Trust