Neurodiversity Training

Delivered by fully qualified trainers and peer reviewed by our neurodivergent community, our Neurodiversity workshops, awareness and training events are delivered using multi-media and are all available online.  Supported by workbooks, live and pre-recorded sessions we cater for divergent learning styles and take great pride in the ‘Outstanding’ feedback we regularly receive.

Managing Neurodiversity in the workplace

Accessing the skill sets of the neurodivergent takes a skill set of its own.  Our focus groups with experienced managers helped to build and shape this course and addresses areas such as:

  • Line manager legal responsibilities
  • What is a reasonable adjustment?
  • Setting goals and helping to thrive
  • Performance management
  • Creating inclusive Teams

Often used with our Neurodiversity Resource Packs and Toolkits, this training is fit for purpose and ready for roll out across your organisation. You can find further guidance our Access to Work page.


Human Resources

Human resources need Neurodiversity training.  We know this so we developed our training with HR professionals, ready to empower others to make the right decisions when managing policy, procedure and inclusive practices in the workspace.

With a blended learning approach of live and interactive elements we cover:

  • Disability and Neurodiversity
  • The Equality Act
  • What is a Reasonable Adjustment?
  • Empowering decision making
  • Case studies and signposting
Neurodiversity Services

Large scale Neurodiversity Awareness

We understand that budgets and time pressures do not always cater for day long events and so a more ’light touch’ approach is necessitated.  Pre-recorded training available on demand coupled with a workbook assists the learner to gain an understanding in:

  • What is Neurodiversity?
  • Common Terminology
  • The legal obligations
  • Examples of inclusive practices

Many thanks for the great (Neurodiversity for managers) training day. It was one of the most interesting and truly informative training sessions that I have every attended and I have been in nursing for over 40 years – that’s a lot of training courses!!

A. Taylor , Lead Senior Occupational Health Adviser