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Toolkit – Police Trainers, Tutor Constables and Mentors

This is a two-day (online 12 hour) learning event which provides tutor constables and police trainers with a Neurodiversity toolkit to draw on.  It can be delivered remotely or face to face onsite and is also suitable for CID and crime trainers. 

Developed in partnership with Devon, Cornwall and Dorset Police Forces its objectives include Understanding Neurodiversity, divergent learning styles, inclusive learning practices, and applying reasonable adjustments in a police training environment.  

A huge thank you for all your wise advice, energy and enthusiasm in training “Neuro Vison 2020” last week.  It was a brilliantly structured, passionately delivered course that I would heartily recommend to every police force. 

Detective Sergeant Simon Brindley, Cyber


What are the options for delivering your training?

Training, webinars and speaking events can be delivered in a variety of ways.

The Creased Puddle Academy is an online Learning Management System that anyone can access from anywhere in the world. Our courses are accessible at times and for durations that suit the user ensuring that times zones don’t interfere with learning! See our ‘Courses’ page for further information

We also provide our training events via Teams or Zoom and have built these events with engagement and interaction in mind. From 3 to 12 hour training sessions your content is delivered by fully qualified Neurodiversity Trainers and complies with our rigorous Quality Assurance system.

We also deliver our training in person on your premises and in hired third party venues.

What if we need a training event which is bespoke for our organisation?

We have years of experience in researching, writing, and delivering bespoke training events.

We have collaborated and piloted courses across the UK which were definitely not ‘off the shelf’.

From ‘Designing Office Spaces’ to ‘The Impact on Police Investigations’, we have listened to our customers and worked with them to produce Neurodiversity awareness and training which is role specific and fit for purpose.

I want some training but I’m not sure what my options are?

We have conversations every day with organisations that are not sure where to start with training their staff.

You need your training to be role specific, the appropriate depth, the right length and cost effective.

Please get in touch and we will talk you through these options with no pressure to take us up on any of them.

Do you offer a discount for large training roll outs?

Yes. Please get in touch if you’d like to know how this could benefit you

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