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Creased Puddle
Virtual Reality Headsets

At CP we don’t like a boring training day. We like fun, energy and the latest research all bundled up in a package that’s written for you. This means that as part of your training we make sure that whatever your industry, it makes sense.

So whether you’re a science lab or theme park, shoe shop or the police we adjust to fit you.

Training for the top brass

Employ someone with a known disability?  Really?  Yes you should.

This two hour strategic course presents to you, and the board, the business case to employ these exceptional individuals.  Get us in to explain why it makes such good business sense.  Its also free 🙂

The whole gang

This input is designed to deliver a unique insight into Autism for the whole team. Using VR headsets and role plays we interact with your staff to bring it alive for them. Whole or half day.

121 Translator

We like to think of ourselves as social and cultural translators for those with a Neurodivergent diagnosis eg Autism. We help the business to understand the person and visa versa. Quality checked by Autists, our approach has helped everyone ask those awkward questions they don’t know how to ask.

Champions and hero’s

Everyone loves a Jedi, but as we can’t use the force we thought we’d train up your own Neurodiversity Company Champions. This is a two-day course which provides a deeper understanding of Autism and the workplace. Your new Champion can then roll out training of their own (lightsaber not included).

HR Savvy

For all those HR guys and girls out there who want to learn more about inclusive recruitment, retention and progression. This 1 day course gives you the tools to be able to impact assess your own processes in-house.

All the other bits:

Sensory workplace assessments – lights too bright, open plan office too loud, Janice too annoying? Well, we can’t do anything about Janice but we can help you to build workplaces which benefit everyone.

Get the right message out – Advice to corporate comms teams on everything from using the right font to what words not to use….

Everyone needs a mentor – we LOVE social mentors in workspaces. If you need to empower yours, we’re your guys.

Reasonable adjustments  - People with autism make great employees. They’re driven, focused and loyal. But you might not be aware of the ‘reasonable adjustments’ that can make life easier for them (and everyone else) in your workplace.

Talk to Creased Puddle about backing neurodiversity in your workplace. Contact us and call 07817 801292.