Remi Chappell


Remi Chappell

Neurodiversity Consultant

Remi is a Neurodiversity Consultant and coach and brings more than 4,000 hours of coaching experience.  She has a BA (hons) degree in Psychology and a Level 4 in Careers Advice and Guidance.  She is a Certified NLP Practitioner and a Clean Language Coach/Facilitator.  Remi has developed and worked alongside a diverse range of clients from the long term unemployed through to seasoned professionals. 

Award-winning Remi has managed large international projects in recruitment and L&D, and has implemented coaching /leadership cultures. 

She has a wide breadth of industry sector knowledge having worked with both SME and large organisations such as Kellogg’s, Housing Plus Group, Cheshire County Constabulary, North Wales Police, NHS, Network Rail, TNT, Defra, Royal Mail, Shell Gas and Oil to name but a few. 

Remi has a passion for developing knowledge and exploring different ways of working to increase inclusive practices.  Remi lights up the room with her smile but her love of spreadsheets is very worrying….

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