"I would like just take opportunity to say thank you for the training session on Autism.

Not only did I find the session very informative, it was also delivered in a fun way that kept everyone involved.

Caroline, as a trainer I found you quite amazing and to be honest, I have attended many courses and found your style one of the best.

Also, having attended this course I am keen to learn more about Autism and how I/we can help make any families holiday easier by being aware of and understanding the daily challenges these families go through. ”

Melissa Britton, Deputy Executive, Flamingo Land

“Scientists can often be very introverted characters and the excellent support and training that Caroline has provided have ensured that we can put a framework in place that recognises the diversity of those within the business, how best to support and manage these individuals and, most importantly, understand how to create a culture and environment that uses everyone’s individual skill sets to their full potential.

I’d recommend Creased Puddle to any company looking to update their neurodiversity portfolio and understand the talents that a diverse workforce brings."

Chris Allen, Managing Director, Broughton Laboratories

“I have been working closely with Creased Puddle from an operations perspective now for several months. Caroline’s advice and guidance have been invaluable in assisting in our understanding of neurodiversity.

With Caroline’s help we’ve established and updated our procedures from a Human Resources perspective to provide a more understanding and user-friendly workplace.

Caroline has a wealth of knowledge and I would highly recommend her as a neurodiversity consultant.”

Simon Cocks, Operations Director, Broughton Laboratories

"Caroline founded a support group named All Things Autism for North Yorkshire Police. This looks at the relationship of the police and the autistic community and received backing from the Chief Officer Team.

She then proposed that this include all areas of neurodiversity, which in 2016 was approved. This was a first in British policing.

Caroline is nothing if not committed to her task. She is passionate about her responsibilities and will deliver on time."

Wendy Dodsworth-Houlston, Former Training Manager, North Yorkshire Police

"I would like to thank Creased Puddle for giving us amazing training the other week, it was so engaging and gave such an insight into how people with Autism can see everyday situations differently.”

Gareth Ellis, Staffing & Recruitment Administrator, Flamingo Land