Together Day for Our Partner Coach Network


At Creased Puddle, we are proud of our Partner Coach Network. Thirty coaches across the UK work with our clients to empower them to leverage their neurodivergent strengths. We provide regular online CPD events for our coaches, and in May this year, we held our first Partner Together Day in the beautiful city of York. We explored a metaphor for working at your best, discussed the language of metaphor and its value, practiced a little EFT, which is known to be calming and settling for many neurodivergent people, and examined trauma and its role in coaching for neurodivergent individuals. We learned about ADHD and the police, and the amazing support offered to those who are ADHD and autistic, particularly through support groups. We concluded with a group discussion on key coaching themes and how we can assist our partner coaches in the future. Of course, the day was topped off with excellent food and refreshments and the beautiful surroundings of Kings Manor, York.

Coaching with Creased Puddle

Coaching assists the coachee to explore their strengths and challenges in a safe place in order to identify strategies which help them to thrive. Coaches don’t offer solutions but support the person to find their own within the sessions. Coaches may also give coachees ‘homework’ as strategies take time to embed and practice makes perfect! Finding the right coach takes time and we pride ourselves in successfully matching 100s of coaches and coachees over the years. We have a dedicated ‘Lead Coach’ who is responsible for the quality assurance of our fully qualified ILM 5 or above UK coaching team. We also have a strict system of continual quality measurement which records the impact that they have on a daily basis. Find out more about the coaching we provide here.

Co-Coaching with Creased Puddle

Co-coaching will often go hand-in-hand with coaching and this involves working with the individual and their manager. It is usually positioned at the start of the sessions and/or at the end and greatly assists with increasing understanding and embedding strategies.

Coaching Testimonial

“I feel like it’s helped me in my work. I’m better at deadlines, prioritising work and using my own initiative. I have now been nominated for the Learning Disability & Autism Award” B. Wilson, Coaching Client