We are Understood, a young enterprise team dedicated to raising awareness of unseen disabilities

Creased Puddle are delighted to see, and support, the next generation of unseen disability advocates coming through.  Young role models provide peer to peer connection and understanding that will drive this conversation from education into the workplace.  Well done all at Understood for your passion and commitment to the Neurodiversity movement:

Understood – Their story…

We created our organisation because we realised there was an issue in the community for those with unseen disabilities. A member of our team who has autism, recognized people with unseen disabilities often have trouble communicating their needs in times of distress. This was the deciding factor which established our enterprise as we knew we needed to help those with unseen disabilities.

Our product is a personalised card which lists three things to do when in a time of distress. Our project has the potential to be immensely valuable in empowering people with unseen disabilities and increasing awareness in the general public.

Originally, we came up with several ideas of what our product could be and after narrowing it down we realised that a personalised card for people with unseen disabilities would be the product which benefited the most people.

In the process of creating and running our enterprise, it has benefitted us all substantially. We have all learnt a lot about mental health and unseen disabilities and now know how to help people who are affected by unseen disabilities.

Due to Covid 19, many more people suffer from unseen disabilities and either don’t know how to help themselves or are too scared to reach out and get help. Our goal is to help those people and make sure they understand there is a community that can help them. We aspire to help more people as we continue running our enterprise.

 In the future, our company has three main aims. The first goal we want to achieve is to increase awareness in the public about unseen disabilities. By understanding more about unseen disabilities, people can help those around them. Our second goal is to make life more accessible for those with unseen disabilities with our free, personalised cards. The cards can be used when in a distressing situation to help the recipient in what to do when that person is struggling/not able to convey what the need.

It can often be very hard to communicate what you’re thinking and feeling when distressed, our card helps through communicating in a non-verbal way what you need in order to get you the assistance you need. Our final goal is to empower those with unseen disabilities to think positively about their conditions. The wider the recognition of unseen disabilities, the more likely people are to come forward about their condition and receive help. This will further reduce the amount of people that suffer in silence and will encourage more people to speak up.

If you think these cards could be of use to you their available at our website and if you’d like to support us and our cause, please consider purchasing one of our £2 awareness-raising wristbands. This will go directly into funding the production of our free cards and ultimately, as a social enterprise taking part in a YE program, our profits will go to charity. Thank you. 

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