About Creased Puddle

Founder Caroline Turner’s 23-year police career was closely bound up with inclusion and diversity. When her second child was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum, Caroline’s future came into sharp focus.

Caroline founded All Things Autism within the police, which expanded to take in other neurodiverse conditions and was the first in British Policing.

Today, Caroline also sits on autism committees within the local councils and a local university think tank, Pro Autism.

With Creased Puddle, Caroline works closely with a range of organisations across Yorkshire to formulate communication strategies, provide training tools, carry out workplace assessments and put people with autism in the right jobs.

She also works with those companies who might not have got it right with customers, who have received bad press and who want to learn from their experience.

Caroline Turner - Creased Puddle

An expensive Ooops

At Creased Puddle we’re here to help companies and organisations that have might not have got the inclusion message right in the past.

The modern world is fast-changing and keeping up with the latest legal and cultural changes is a tricky thing to keep up with.

Whether you want to work on retaining and improving a staff member, or ensure you don’t fall foul of the equality act, CP can help.

Why Creased Puddle?

Creased Puddle is Caroline’s autistic son’s gaming name. Gaming has brought him together with neurotypical boys who see him as an expert. This connects him to a community which has raised his self-esteem and confidence. This is Caroline’s goal for autists in every workplace.

Talk to Creased Puddle about neurodiversity in your workplace. Call 07817 801292 or contact us.

Passport system opens office borders

At Creased Puddle, we’d like to see office passports introduced. Under this system, employees get a take-anywhere document that catalogues the great things that make each individual, individual.

This way, employees don’t have to explain themselves every time they move department, or a new member is added to the team – allowing you to make reasonable adjustments and get the very best out of all your staff. We can advise you every step of the way.