About Creased Puddle

Based in York, North Yorkshire but servicing the whole of the UK we are made up of a core team and a UK Associate network of professionals.  We actively collaborate with others and are inspired by the Neurodiversity UK conversation.

The practices in our services are reflected in our company and we are constantly challenging how and where we work.  We view our development as a constant loop and in doing so identify innovative practices and exciting outcomes.

Our favourite thing is to nurture relationships - some of our largest clients have been with us since we launched in 2017.

We also bring ourselves to work, in all our diversity, and have spent time identifying how to interact with one another to get the best from the team.

We don’t assume we know, but we do assume we can find out.  By working with leading academics such as Prof. Richard Mills, Dr Katie Maras, Dr Chloe Holloway and Judy Singer we keep ahead of the research curve.

By valuing ‘nothing about us, without us’ we peer review all our products with the neurodivergent community.

Our invoicing may take longer, our proposals might have a spelling mistake.  However, we make no apology for employing those who are challenged by administration but bloom in other disciplines.

With a huge heart, a healthy dollop of humour and expertise like no other we are the Creased Puddle.

Our Services

Our Neurodiversity services help organisations and individuals.

Our Core Values



We are ‘Disability Confident Employers’ and value our colleagues for the insides of their heads. Every staff member works with the reasonable adjustments they need to thrive.



Nanny McPhee said “ When you need me but do not want me I will stay, when you want me but do not need me I will leave.” Our approach is to give you the tools you need to grow.



We weren’t born with the understanding of how to engage, retain and develop our relationship with different thinkers. We create safe spaces to grow that knowledge.



Diverse perspectives are integral to evolving us as a society. Building trust with all our communities ensures they are heard and valued.