Performance, Conduct & Neurodiversity with the Metropolitan Police

On 30th April 2024, Creased Puddle hosted a ‘Performance, Conduct, and Neurodiversity’ training session for the Department of Professional Standards (DPS) of the Metropolitan Police. The conversation around neurodiversity within misconduct cases has been developing quickly, and we were excited to be part of the initiative to equip investigators with knowledge in this area.

It’s important for both the public and police officers/staff that we look at how neurodiversity impacts performance and conduct. The session saw 20 attendees from different areas of the DPS spend the day with the Creased Puddle Team at the Union Jack Club in London. We invited investigators’ lived experience into the room to help them understand how neurodiversity plays a huge part in their day-to-day work. It was a great session that was really engaging and the response from the attendees was incredibly positive.

The session covered topics that included:

  • What is Neurodiversity?
  • Different neurodivergent conditions
  • The impact of rejection sensitivity
  • The strengths of a spikey profile
  • Executive function in the brain
  • Considerations with the Equality Act
  • Co-occurring considerations with mental health
  • Inclusive investigation practices
  • Reasonable adjustments
Creased Puddle with Sergeant Faye Shurley outside the Union Jack Club in London

The key takeaways from the session enable Police Professional Standard Units to be more aware of neurodivergent conditions and the impact of these within the context of a performance or conduct process. Participants develop a deeper understanding of the organisational and legal requirements of supporting someone who is neurodivergent may that be a suspect, victim or a witness.  In addition, this learning can be used to develop more joined up working with HR, Occupational Health, Line Management, Unison and the Police Federation.  Its aims are to demonstrate how important reasonable adjustments are to achieving best evidence and identifying appropriate interventions and disposals.

Understanding neurodiversity within police complaints is important for many reasons.  Building public confidence, retention of staff, providing proper support in the workplace, and reducing employment tribunals are just a few.

The Creased Puddle Team have a vast amount of police experience, some of that is in professional standards and as part of the Police Federation. If your force is interested in improving their knowledge of neurodiversity and how it could improve complaint outcomes, please send us an email to [email protected].

“A fully engaging course that made me question and challenge my own thoughts, behaviours and actions” – Police Complaints Handler.